Bria The Artist is revolutionizing music as we know it, pushing boundaries by creating a captivating sonic landscape for listeners to explore and enjoy.

Bria The Artist is an up-and-coming artist on the rise. Drawing inspiration from greats such as Erykah Badu, Andre 3000, Timbaland, and Missy Elliott to craft her unique sound of neo-soul and jazzy hip-hop vibes. With two album projects already under her belt, she has seen growing success, with each release receiving more attention than its predecessor. Her hopeful ethereal spirit resonates within every carefully crafted creation for those who seek a genre-defying experience – Bringing all together into one unforgettable universe formed by this gifted artist’s vision.

Growing up in the Bronx, a cultural epicenter of hip-hop and innovation, this artist has developed an acutely personal style. She is unwavering in her dedication to cultivating success for herself, attesting to that fact with investments in building out home studio gear. Her music carries a vibe of optimism even through difficult times throughout 2020 when hope was scarce – embracing musical storytelling which speaks directly from her heart.

What sets Bria The Artist apart is her willingness to take risks and push boundaries in her music. She is unafraid to experiment with different sounds, often incorporating unexpected elements that keep her music fresh and exciting. Her unique perspective and creative approach have earned her a dedicated following of fans constantly eager to see what she will develop next.

Bria The Artist has earned critical acclaim despite her relatively short career. Her latest single, “Cocoa,” has been praised for its intricate arrangements, thought-provoking lyrics, and powerful vocals.

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