Brunel Wekho: A New Standard Of Audio Entertainment

Brunel Wekho’s remixes are widely recognized and acclaimed by music enthusiasts globally. Remixes include work for artists like the Lost Frequencies, MATTN, Chris Brown, and Kevin Lyttle. An honorable mention should be made of his collaboration with Paris Hilton, the Hilton heiress herself! Many of these remixes and collaborations are easy listening and smooth, like a high-quality beverage. These additions to Wekho’s library of successes are not overpowering or disrupting the initial intent of the original tracks.

Check out ‘Lone Wolves (2019)’ featuring MATTN and Paris Hilton and Shane Hendrix’s’ If I Was an Angel’ remixes when you need a relaxing feel-good feeling. Picture listening to these singles while poolside or going down to the local Spanish beach on a warm lazy afternoon.    

A little about the man tells you volumes about his passion for music. Growing up in Antwerp in, Belgium, his family was a musical family. He, his parents, and his sister were part of a gospel band. This helped Brunel appreciate music and the necessity to make his own. He understood from an early age that music brought families together, and this would influence his work. As a result, Brunel’s fans are diverse, yet all come together in harmony of their enjoyment of his music.    

Brunel’s recent albums are a cool refreshing dip into a new paradigm of audio entertainment, enabling this rising star to influence and form fan groups further afield. In some respect, this diversification is not dissimilar to Rob Zombie’s career bearing visual media. Likewise, while works are unique and contrasting to other artists, they never overstep when working with others. You’ll never find yourself listening to a boot mark interrupting each track for the sake of branding or self-identification. 

Check out Brunel’s latest work ‘Lone Wolves (2019)’ featuring MATTN and Paris Hilton, and Shane Hendrix’ If I Was an Angel’ remixes when you need a relaxing feel-good feeling. Brunel is currently working on further productions and remixes in collaborations across Europe so stay tuned for more top-quality tracks. Also, discover how Brunel is presently helping new artists with his Sancover Music Entertainment production business, and check out the latest talent he works with!           

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