Ch3ls Sidesteps Trends for the Timeless

With a voice that soars up to the sky, Ch3ls delivers truly spirited storytelling. Going back to the singer-songwriter era, her tracks share little pieces of her life’s story. From humble origins, she has managed to pull herself up by the bootstraps. Everything about her sound has this soulfulness to it. Already she has managed to play at places as diverse as motorcycle rallies, marinas, private parties, and local venues in Nashville, even working on a cruise as a singer for half a year. Such a wide range of approaches means she has mastered listening to her audiences. One needs to dive a little into her back discography to see how she has evolved as an artist.

Trends are not things Ch3ls. They are things she creates. A recent shift of several artists away from the electric and towards the eclectic means that her work is honest. Verses get balanced on top of each other, never dreamy, grounded deep in reality. Besides the locales above, her band has performed as Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honkytonk along with Tootsie’s world-famous Orchid Lounge. So much of her work has this muscle to it, never stated outright, but instead just understated as her pieces have their world encompassed within them.

Ch3ls is rising as one of the voices worth listening to, even amongst the litany of talent out of Music City.

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