Chris Clemenza Drops Project Featuring Teejay3K & $quidnice

Chris Clemenza is a 23 year old CEO, Artist Manager & Entrepreneur New Jersey and is making a name for himself in the music industry world wide. He is currently representing super star mogul “AB” . Developing an ear for music he was able to network and move his way up the food chain throughout the industry as he perfected his talents and met new musical stars. His big break came when he became acquainted with fellow musical names such as $quidnice, Jay Gwuapo, and many more. Working with well known people got Chris’s name out there even more and he developed big recognition throughout the whole music industry. Recently he has just released his debut project which has garnered tremendous attention and respect world wide! “Nothing to prove the EP” is nine song project which is executively produced, written and performed by Chris Clemenza. This project features stars Jay Gwuapo, Lil Zay Osama, Amaru Cloud, $quidnice, Bobbynice, Lil B , Teejay3k & many more. Not only has Chris established himself as a figure in the music industry but he also owns a recording studio in New Jersey called Lux Sound Studios. With hits under his wing like “Push IT” and “Fire Drill” climbing the charts, Chris is quickly establishing himself as someone you’ll want to keep a watchful eye on as he continues on his journey into fame and fortune.




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