Discover Rising LA Talent, Astarrboy

The melodic craftsman known as ASTARRBOY is Arman Changulyan. Beginning to make music at age 15, what was At first it was a leisure activity, evolved into Astarrboy delivering music and getting momentum via virtual entertainment. Fast forward to today he has gained more than 26 thousand fans on Instagram. Subsequent to delivering music on Spotify and Apple Music, he has more than 100 thousand streams overall out of 70 nations. Arman explains, “I have considered the  colossal development as a musician, as an aftereffect of my diligent effort. I proceed to improve and learn, and my streams keep on expanding. I’ve additionally taken in the significance of social media, particularly these days in the music business.” 

His eagerness to focus on his specialty is what led to success – a message Astarrboy doesn’t take lightly as he ascribes this to his prosperity. Still developing and planning to grow even more, it will not stop here for this artist. He plans to build upon his online presence with a Youtube Channel in the works – where viewers have more of a chance to experience the work and lifestyle behind-the-scenes content.

A lot of what makes Astarrboy stand out is his originality and unique sound. He says, “I would feel that each time I was in the studio not conveying an ‘album worthy’  track was me fizzling. Presently I view it as a growing experience. You have to fail to learn, especially in a creative process such as making music. Not everything you make will be a hit. Not everything you make will even be decent. Just have keep going. The successes I’m most proud of are the people I’ve worked with while in the industry. I’ve worked with established recording artists such as 24Hrs, Vory, Nessly, Guap Tarantino, etc. I do believe relationships are important in this

 industry, as in any business. Gaining validation from my peers to where they want to release music with me means the most.”

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