Elijah Runako: The rising artist on label radars

We can all admit that music is crucial to human survival. It transcends every distance and is such a universal art form that it moves through you. According to Elijah Runako, his passion for music is a bordering obsession. This is because it is an outlet that allows him to be unapologetically authentic, express his feelings, and inspire people.

Elijah Runako is a musician specializing in alternative R&B and Pop music. He says that his music is very experimental; he doesn’t exactly fit into any one genre. Music has punctuated most of Elijah’s life; he says that his passion began blooming at a young age. He learned how to make music, sing, rhyme, and write engaging lyrics. Elijah says that creating music is what he was born for, which is why his passion is infinite. After self-learning about music during his childhood, Elijah began writing and producing music in 2013 on SoundCloud. This was after his release from a youth correctional center.

According to Elijah, living in Chicago at that time helped him evolve musically and exposed him to more opportunities. He interacted with peers who shared his interests and got to learn from talented musicians. Elijah believes in inspiring young people to pursue their dreams because when everything else is gone from your life, your dreams remain. He urges people to find what they are passionate about and pursue it relentlessly.




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