Julian’O presents the Soundtrack of the Street

Hip-hop has changed. The evolution it has undergone since its inception in the Bronx in the 70s definitely shows this progression. Poetry from the streets is the goal to be as honest as is humanly possible. No adornment, no lies, just direct from the source truth and, if this is still the measure, to determine good hip-hop, then Julian’O makes the good stuff.

Literally, his whole life has been building up to this moment. Two-thirds of his life has been devoted to perfecting his craft. From humble origins as a lyric writer to his first upload on Soundcloud all the way to his debut album, he’s come a very long way. He has learned multiple instruments, used the studio as an instrument in every sense of the word, and even created his whole label.

Already he’s been able to promote his corner of the sonic universe with Maintainment. Besides serving as an outlet for his own music, he’s put out work by artists like Yay and Sto Mahomes. Going further out, he’s managed a few collaborations, and even has plans for a follow-up to his debut album out sometime next year.

The hustle he embodies extends outside of the regular musical grind. He’s a barber. He’s been cutting hair for the better part of the last decade, and he plans on opening his storefront location in his hometown Kansas City, Missouri extremely soon.

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