Kris is an Emotional Expressionist: Experience the power of music through Kris’ voice.

Kris has devoted her whole life to music. Starting at the incredibly young age of three, she’s acquired many instruments to perfect. What she saved for last as a tool is perhaps her most powerful – her voice.

With forays into the pop realm, she’s proven capable of carrying the torch for all those masters of the 70s singer-songwriter tradition. Her ability to have strength in the quiet intimacy of her arrangements suggests the delicacy of Carole King’s work, of Tim Buckley and their ilk. Thus far, she has released a few songs to significant fanfare, as shown by the heavily engaged community she’s established on TikTok.

She sings for those who cannot speak for themselves. Already having released a few tracks, these are meant to be mere glimpses of her much larger album titled “The Way of the World.” Within these pieces, she highlights those so often overlooked. By taking on this tactic, she makes pop music that possesses power. This, alongside the instrumental choice (the piano features prominently in all her work), adds to the sense of timelessness.

There is a classic quality. Part of this comes from her knowledge of music theory paired with a deeply held appreciation for the perfection of pop songs. With her uncanny ability to conjure up an entire life in under four minutes, she is one of those rare breeds, a pop artist who understands the essence of music’s fine tradition while pushing the sound into the future.

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