Meet The 23 Year Old Hip Hop Artist Coming Up Out Of The DMV

Rothejeweler is a 23 year old hip-hop artist from Washington DC who’s quick flows and song writing ability have garnered him a lot of well deserved recognition out of his area lately. Since the age of 10, Ro has always had an interest in music and an ear for melodies. He first got into song writing when his older brother proposed he help him write a song and realized Ro he has a special gift for the craft. While continuing to write songs for his brother as he grew, he also began to work with his father in their family business shop selling Jewelry. Ro was invited to special events that only certain celebrity figures could attend. After being surrounded by rappers for years he became inspired to create music of his own. In 2019 Ro announced himself as “Rothejeweler” and released his debut single “Bust Down” which created tons of buzz out of his local area. With his celebrity connections co signing his abilities, he was able to establish himself as a seriously taken up and comer out of the DC area. Since then Ro has released many songs and rumors have been circulating of a potential album in the near future. Keep up with Rothejeweler as he continues to turn heads and make a name for himself as one of the next big superstars to surface in the music industry. 

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