Singer-songwriter Robert Cristian Jordan delivers a gripping performance in the title track, “Phoenix Rising,” from his latest EP.

A painter paints pictures on canvas; a musician, on the other hand, paints pictures on silence, and nothing could be more accurate for the phenomenally gifted singer-songwriter and performing artist Robert Cristian Jordan, who gives his style of pop music that cinematic touch that places its listeners in another dimension every time you listen to his craft. As far as authenticity goes, his music is one of the most authentic you can get on the market today.  He is his trendsetter and isn’t waved off easily with trend-grabbing acts that have grasped every artist out there abandoning their originality and chasing away every other new style that crosses their path element- this is not to say that he is self-limited; Robert has got the eclectic brand that puts him among the critically acclaimed pioneers of authentic music!

Robert recently released his new 6-track EP, “Phoenix Rising,” in which he delves deep into the creative process to share life’s tribulations and the power of overcoming them with his listener. The title track is the perfect example of rising above the fire of adversity, shaking off the ashes, and going on to astonish the world with your new primal power.

That intro is astonishingly cinematic and grabs a listener’s attention immediately; the follow-through featuring the thoughtfully hit keyboard accompanied by a complete vocal presentation reels you in, holding you captive and refusing to let go until the track is no longer within the vicinity.

Through his super riveting performance, Robert quickly reminds a listener that yesterday is the past, tomorrow’s future. Still, today is a gift, and that’s why it’s called the present and hence the need to embrace it without thinking of the hurt of the past or the probability of the future. His beautiful fountain of vocals packages this inspirational message professionally over the somewhat menacing production that operates between laid-back moments and heightened, charged moments during the delivery of that unforgettable chorus!

You can tell he put his heart and soul into this performance, which makes it so spellbinding and ear-grabbing throughout its length.

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