Single Focus: 14-year-old artist Edie Yvonne has released her latest single, ‘Darkness Bliss,’ offering fans a wickedly brilliant tale of a fallen friendship.

Edie Yvonne has been steadily building up an exciting body of work recently. Her unsettling new single – which focuses on betrayal and its consequences – comes in time for spooky season. 

14-year-old Angeleno artist Edie Yvonne has shared her excellent new track, ‘Darkness Bliss,’ just in time for Halloween. 

Edie Yvonne landed on the scene just one year ago with the release of her debut single ‘With The Light.’ Since then, the young artist has committed herself to releasing highly polished pop tracks month after month, resulting in her capping off 2023 with an incredible repertoire. Edie’s most recent songs, including ‘Queen Bee,’ ‘On Your Mind,’ ‘In The Rain,’ and ‘Stain,’ have all helped her become a trending artist. She now boasts over 100,000 streams across Spotify and 15,000 average monthly listeners. 

She’s also had plenty of experience in the show biz industry. The multi-talented entertainer had her first introduction to stardom years before her singing career began. In 2016, she played the lead role in the short film Kitty, directed by Chloe Sevigny. This led to other starring film roles, with Edie appearing in the short films Lola: Girl Got A Gun in 2017 and Stage Dad in 2018. Edie is also set to turn her hand at making her film shortly, as she has touted that she’ll be sharing a “short film about mean girls and their minions” to go alongside her recently released hit single ‘Queen Bee.’ 

Edie’s latest song, ‘Darkness Bliss,’ has a cinematic quality that is very much in keeping for a 14-year-old artist who has been in front of the camera for much of her youth. ‘Darkness Bliss’ captures the moment when one person (Edie, in this case) realizes that their friend has betrayed them. With her coaxing lyrics, Edie draws you into the web of betrayal she’s uncovered while dropping subtle hints that she wants payback for what went wrong. But even with her biting lyrics, ‘Darkness Bliss’ ends with a touching note of vulnerability, coming through in the song’s final lines: “Crashing down/Fallen crown/Say it now/Please, please/Help her now/Help, Help/He’s got her now/He’s got her/I’ve lost her now.” 

‘Darkness Bliss’ was produced by Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta. These emerging producers have become foundational for helping Edie Yvonne develop her sound and giving her music an enjoyable but sometimes sinister edge. ‘Darkness Bliss’ feels like a painstakingly layered track, which plays with tempo and instrumentation so that the song feels longer than its 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Those who value excellent production will get a kick out of how Edie’s backing vocals get mixed into the track at certain parts, giving her voice a ghostly whisper. 

This is dark and delicious music.

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