Single Review: Truth Francisco shares new single ‘She Running,’ a cautionary tale about the cycle of domestic abuse.

Truth Francisco has won praise for his heartfelt rapping style, which doesn’t shy away from controversial topics. On ‘She Running,’ he takes a scalpel-sharp look at domestic abuse and its consequences.

Texas rapper Truth Francisco has released his latest single, ‘She Running,’ a story about the cycle of domestic abuse. Featuring the vocals of award-winning Romanian singer Johny Romano, it stands out as one of Truth’s most essential songs.

For those unfamiliar with Truth Francisco’s artistry, he’s a rapper for whom the name says it all; his songs speak “truths” in startling ways. Emboldened by a lifestyle of hardship – including the devastating loss of several family members in tragic circumstances – Truth has developed into an influential hip-hop artist who is unafraid to write about sensitive subject matters, even if the content can sometimes be shocking. Like many great artists, Truth has used music to heal himself after negative experiences. It’s a method that means that his songs are incredibly raw and relatable for anyone who has experienced some of the hurdles he has faced.

‘She Running,’ Truth’s newest song, comes from his celebrated album, Truth Tells No Lies. Released earlier in 2023, TTNL was a quietly brilliant collection of 10 pieces, each of them documenting a rapper in a period of transition; on songs like ‘Holding On,’ ‘So Alone,’ and ‘For Real,’ our eyes get opened to Truth moving from chaos to order, from fear to happiness, and from grief to recovery.


‘She Running,’ featuring Johny Romano, is a dark R&B-rap number about people who stay in bad relationships, even when all the paranoia, pain, and violent outbursts tell them they should ‘run.’ The song portrays Truth and Johny as abusive characters within a relationship. However, it is important to note that only Truth’s character is abusive. In the story, the woman’s boyfriend, played by Truth, is highly valued by his significant other. The issue arises when Sade Jones’s character, tired of being cheated on and hurt, finally decides to step out of the relationship. Truth’s character initially thought it was acceptable for him to cheat, but when Sade Jones’s character does the same, it becomes a problem for him.

Truth Francisco said about how the track came about: “I became aware of Johny Romano when I ran across his IG profile and heard some of his music. I knew that I wanted to work with him after hearing a couple of his songs. At first, he wasn’t as serious about working together as I was, so I decided to move on.”

Despite the initial hesitancy, Truth and Johny came together later. “After two weeks, he contacted me to see if I was still interested in working with him. I immediately jumped at the opportunity. The initial idea he devised was a song about saving women, but I felt we could reach more people with a different or more creative idea. So, I developed a scenario where Johny and I played two different roles. One person was the woman’s boyfriend, who was undervalued and underappreciated, and the other was the side man, who wanted the number one guy’s spot. He is the one she runs to for comfort when her boyfriend is mistreating her.”

The result is a song that raises awareness about the actual, stark reality of domestic abuse. It’s a significant accomplishment for both artists; its message will speak to many people.

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