Spend It Is IamKay’s Very Definition of a Lust for Life 

IamKay goes hard on the stripped-down raw grit of “Spend It.” The subject matter is what truly defines the song. Going for a cleverness that explores the ins and outs of the strip club, the piece races forward—bass booms with an almighty kick behind it. On top of that, the crisp handclaps further ensure that the thing has no chance of slowing down. Hooks aplenty, this is the sort of song that lingers on in the mind long after the track has ended. Infinitely catchy, it makes sure to burrow itself into the mind indeed. Best of all, there is this unapologetic sexuality to it, one of pure want.

All of it starts at once. No buildup. This is not that kind of song. Instead, he goes right into the entire vignette. This adds to the appeal for IamKay taps into the Miami Bass scene with the subwoofer-crushing bass looming very large. Melody gets infused into the groove giving it a dub effect to it. Much of it makes sure to approximate a force of nature. So gigantic and holding nothing back, he throws out subtlety and goes for the heart of the matter. A celebration of sex, money, and power, there is a straightforward trip that he’s going on within the track.

“Spend It” has a pure glee, one where IamKay becomes intoxicated with what life has to offer.

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