Sycklone Works on Himself with the reflective “Crossroads.”

Sycklone, also known as Nate Jean, is an immensely talented American singer, songwriter, and rapper who has made a name for himself in the music industry. Starting as an audio engineer at the Everett Boys & Girls Club in 2012, Sycklone was pursuing his passion for music while dedicating himself to his studies. During this time, he discovered his newfound love for photography and videography, which would prove invaluable skills in his future music career.

Over the years, Sycklone honed his craft and began performing on bigger stages, opening up for notable names like Joe Biden and Montana of 300 at venues like The Phoenix Landing/Middle East Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2017, he was discovered by CEO Luca Dayz and Executive A&R Troy Beelen and signed a one-year distribution deal with Bentley Records, resulting in his debut album “Self Made.” This album showcased Sycklone’s unique style, which seamlessly blends rap, hip-hop, and R&B elements to create a sound entirely his own.

On “Crossroads,” Sycklone shares his journey with the listener in a confessional, unfiltered, and raw way. The song has a sense of topography – allowing the peaks and valleys of life to become focused. Word choice has a mysticism of a therapeutic aspect that lets them look inwards towards the self to feel vibrant. Stylistically, he combines many different genres, from trap to post-rock to shoegaze. For these many genres to combine and morph feels so soothing. Much of the sound washes over the listener, adding to the thought-provoking stance. 

Everything about the production values certainly plays an essential role in the sound, as the crystal clarity of each flourish reflects upon self-realization. He lets the introduction settle before the rest of the track begins. The wash of ambient chords adds to the enormity of the work. Grooves go heavy into the red, as there is the right level of distortion, a sense of time dilation. Little details go a long way, as the guitars linger in the distance and have an angelic hue. Plenty of evolution has this sense of enormity, allowing the rest of the song plenty of space to explore. Amid such a gigantic undertaking, he gives the song the right level of weight a sense of introspection indeed requires. 

Crossroads” has a sky-gazing quality, as Sycklone lets the ambient atmospheric elements ping off into the sky, adding to its sense of enormity. 

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