tønejustdied lets the duality of numbness and violence merge into “OUTTA MY MIND (feat. kill hill).”

Influenced by some of the biggest names in the music industry, such as Denzel Curry, XXXTENTACION, Tyler, the Creator, and Eminem, tønejustdied‘s music captures the essence of grunge core with his angst-ridden lyrics and haunting melodies.

One of the most impressive things about tønejustdied’s music is how he combines seemingly disparate elements into a cohesive whole. His ability to rap over gritty, dark boom-bap beats and trap-inspired tracks, as well as his penchant for flowing over some Memphis-type phonk and screaming in the same breath, showcases his unparalleled versatility.

A spacious paranoia permeates every inch of tønejustdied’s “OUTTA MY MIND (feat. kill hill).” The jazz noir hit of the keyboards has an eeriness to the way it all unfurls. Lyricism has this sense of abandoning all hope. With this nihilistic approach, the verses cut that much harder. Veering strongly into the Doomer aesthetic, the piece embodies darkness. Rather than using violent imagery, this sense of nothing mattering reigns supreme. Even the chords’ decay adds to the piece’s relatively loose temperament. Going for these heavy lyrics alongside the dexterity of the beats, the focus can be the word choice, with each verse going deeper into the psyche. 

Hushed with the open, the song starts small. From this initial sense of the miniature, the song structure reflects the smallness the speaker feels. They go for the stream of consciousness as the anxiety becomes readily apparent with each additional sound cycle. With each share, every thought becomes much more despondent. No hope, the song has a sense of pure abandonment, with the work stretching out becoming a meditation on what it means to feel worthless. His exploration of severe depression is candid. Word choice adds to the inherent thoughtfulness of his message, as it has this sense of universality. Everything here has a contemplative stance, and the way it unfurls is for a highly harrowing detail. 

tønejustdied revitalizes that classic boom-bap sound as “OUTTA MY MIND (feat. kill hill)” has a late-night intensity. 

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