Trucco is the Rising Star of Party Pop

Model, actor, real estate mogul, and musician – Trucco contains multitudes. Living a life less ordinary, Trucco has experienced the extraordinary. A high school student on a beach to getting propelled into fame, he’s done quite a bit. Nor is it all reliant on his past, for his story grows to become inspirational. Everything in his life gets reflected in his musical output, both melodically, rhythmically, and lyrically. Word choice matters frequently and expresses a sense of togetherness to try and create something new, something better.

The way he bridges the gap between the classics and the contemporary shows off his ability to learn from both schools of thought. Quite a well-listened individual, you can pick apart some of the influences that led him to his current sound, to his contemporary style. A desire to rise above certainly shows that his experience in the United States has not been for naught but rather that he’s taken in that tried-and-true story of the underdog. Hooks, catchy grooves, and incredible sound design these factor into his purposeful approach. Perhaps best of all, his latest tracks are just the beginning, as 2023 seems to be a banner year for his work, the most significant part of his musical career.

Just getting started, Trucco is a rising star in the music world, with parties up and down the west coast of the Americas, from Santiago, Chile, to Los Angeles, California.

Trucco brings you Camboyan – a heady mix of Latin Pop, reggaeton, and other styles. An invigorating blend of soft sensuality and physical energy drives the song forward with tropical to reggae vibes, all emanating undertones of intimacy. The lush arrangements are accentuated by passionate lyrics that perfectly balance strength with beauty in every note – making for genuinely stellar production quality that sparkles as it plays.

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