Cryptocurrency-related movies portray everything from basics to the recent updates

For over a decade now, blockchain and cryptocurrency have been stealing the minds of humanity. The influence of cryptocurrency has further intensified in the past year, driving more people to invest in bitcoin and other digital currencies. Because of its decentralized nature and an extraordinary level of security, cryptocurrency is being used on many online modes of transaction. An increasing number of online gambling sites are using bitcoin to bet and pay as reward money. Owing to the popularity of cryptocurrency, blockchain network is also becoming extremely famous. This fact can be seen not only on social networking sites and daily references in news but also in a number of blockchain and cryptocurrency-related movies. If you already have the basic idea of bitcoin and know the history of blockchain and how cryptocurrency came to effect, then these movies are your thing to sharpen your digital currency knowledge. Blockchain and cryptocurrency-related movies portray an interesting picture of how technology affects our daily life. The cultural productions help you know the types of cryptocurrencies, their current market stance, and the future. Analytics Insight has listed top blockchain and cryptocurrency-related movies to watch today.

Top Blockchain and Cryptocurrency-Related Movies

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Although many people talk about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in movies, there is very less content on blockchain and its usage. Blockchain is an amazing technology that is changing the tailwind of online content storage and its security. Therefore, to hail its amazing mechanism, Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain was created. By watching the movie, viewers can get a complete outlook on the blockchain network, its origin, how it was developed, its worldly applications, etc. The movie also takes you through the advantages of distributed ledger technology and portrays some personal opinions of experts.

Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It

Released in 2015, Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It talks about money, cryptocurrencies, and their functionalities. The one-hour documentary movie takes viewers all the way to explain the history of bitcoin and how it has evolved to take the financial circle by storm today. The movie has also allocated a reasonable part of its time to criticize banks and the government for their dubious stance on money. It looks at how the government’s influence on the printing of money can lead to inflation. Besides, the movie has also recorded the testimonials of popular figures like Vitalik Buterin en Roger on bitcoin.

Netflix Explained: Cryptocurrency

If you are not completely into full-time movies, but still want to know and learn about cryptocurrency, then this 15-minutes long explainer clip is for you. This short -film is a part of a series that covers a wide array of topics in short form. It gradually takes you through the basics of cryptocurrency and explains the world around them.

Life on Bitcoin

At a time when cryptocurrencies are constantly appreciated for their wide range of applications, we can’t deny the fact that it is not completely mainstream yet. Especially, back in 2014 when it was just 6 years since Bitcoin came into effect, many investors felt it extremely troubling to make others understand and accept bitcoin payment. Life on Bitcoin tells the story of two young people, Austin and Beccy Craig’s effort to use bitcoin for trading. They take up the challenge to live with nothing but bitcoin for 100 days. The movie also has a funny outlook as the duo tries to convince people to accept bitcoin payments.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been experiencing constant growth for the past decade. The past year has been an amazing time for crypto investors with many riding the spike wind. While the popularity of bitcoin is inevitable only very few people talk about its functionalities and how it acquired this admirable place in society. Therefore, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin takes us through bitcoin’s journey and tells the tale of its victory.

Banking on Bitcoin

The time is working in favor of cryptocurrencies. Many disruptive concepts like crypto banks, bitcoin ATM, etc are emerging from the underlying decentralized concept. But despite its popularity and high adoption, many are still in the first phase of learning about bitcoin. The movie, Banking on Bitcoin, ridicules worldly applications and explains where bitcoin is headed.


Released in 2019, Crypto is a hardcore cryptocurrency movie that talks about the speculative side of digital currencies. While bitcoin is often hailed for its amazing encryption, there are speculations that it could pave way for illegal and unauthorized activities. That is what the movie ‘Crypto’ portrays. The crime thriller takes the audience through the dark side of cryptocurrency and puts forward many surprising instances.

CRYPTOPIA- Bitcoin and the Future of the Internet

CRYPTOPIA- Bitcoin and the Future of the Internet is more or less a developed contribution of Torsten Hoffmann’s previous work of the same name. He tries to provide a glimpse of how the bitcoin ecosystem works and tackles challenges, controversies, and other development issues. Instead of being a basic introductory part, the movie leverages valuable insights that matter in long-term investments.

I am Satoshi

There is always a suspicion over the bitcoin founder Satoshi. Despite using bitcoin for 10-years now, we are still unaware of the actual creators and his or her background. We are even unsure if Satoshi was a single person or a group of people who worked to develop the blockchain network. This 53-minute movie tries to leverage in-depth knowledge on Satoshi and bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Experiment

The legalities of bitcoin are often questioned across the globe, especially by governments. However, digital currency still tries to break the stereotypes by somehow invading people’s lives and making it into common trading. The Bitcoin Experiment portrays a social test on bitcoin’s legality. As a part of that, the production crew flies to Scandinavia, which they showed as an example of how application digital currency is in a person’s

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