A Reflection on Missed Moments, Justin Mattock Sings from the Heart on “First Time”

Justin Mattock has experienced meteoric success since launching his music career in 2014. He quickly gained a national audience by starting with the acclaimed Pop-Rock band Chase Your Words and then branching out on his own. His solo project, Woke Up Waiting (later known as Harbourside), featured various cover songs and an EP to reach friends globally. Not content to stay within one genre, Justin also explored Country Music, Alternative Rock sounds for additional collaborations like Instrumental Music & Lost Music Collective, adding even more dynamic elements to this up-and-coming artist’s repertoire of styles.

Justin Mattock goes for a raw grit and soul on the Americana of “First Time.” The patience he displays here is admirable. Rhythms opt for a pastoral beauty. Much of the work makes sure to explore mood with ease. Lots of the lyricism draws from his own life, giving it an inherent earnestness. His voice radiates a sense of understanding. Over the course of the journey, he allows a cyclical quality to roam free on the track, with the many layers and details appearing slowly. A gradual unfurling occurs for the verses, hinting at inner peace. With a balancing act taking hold of the work, it is easy to get lost within the many charms of the narrative.

Glimmering guitar steadfastly enters into the fray. The song features catchy riffs that reveal his uncanny ability to craft a great hook. A perfect update on that classic country rock flavor; he brings much soul into the equation. Drums retain a light touch, working on timekeeping and an emotional level. Always keeping sight of the confessional quality, he brings the listener into his life, allowing them to glimpse how things played out. For the final stretch, these elements come to a head resulting in a sense of contentment.

“First Time” has a grace to it, thanks in large part to the carefully chosen meditations of Justin Mattock.

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