B.moiselle Shows & Proves With Newest Release

B.moiselle is an American female R&B singer from Dallas, Texas who’s voice has begun to capture audiences around the globe. Growing up in Texas, the young star was accustom to country music and classic rock at a very young age but after joining the choir in church found her true passion for singing. Soon after, she began to sing on the side and develop a true passion and gift for the craft. Her inspiration, Lauryn Hill, was one of the main reasons she began to take vocals seriously and ultimately become determined to make a career of it in the music industry. Having a similar vocal tone to the legendary singer set the tone for B.moiselle to enter the R&B world and begin her soon to be successful career. Her first release, “Don’t Matter” featuring hip hop phenom Cole.45, became an instant hit as it touched the airwaves. B.Moiselle’s legendary voice on the hook of the song has become a world renowned classic and has launched her into stardom. After gaining traction from the hit single, she then followed up the song with yet another passionate track called “On my Way” showing off her true versatility and vocal range. Hitting notes of unbelievable caliber, her fan base developed rapidly and stunned new listeners far and wide. Now, B.Moiselle is one of the underground’s leading vocalists and is a name on the rise you should focus on getting to know better. Get used to seeing this youthful, multi talented star more often as she grows into one of R&B music’s legendary voices in the near future. 









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