Cut Through The Clutter With The c4n2 Agency: Creatives for Creatives.

Creatives and business types occupy different spheres of the brain. Right, creative, left, analytical. Sure, some people try to combine them. How’s that worked out? Typically, it hasn’t. Few agencies can combine both. When an agency can balance the two perspectives, that’s an agency worth paying attention to.

The fascinating thing about c4n2 is how they blend these two worlds. Sidon Farris, the CEO, and founder, learned by doing. Just take a mirror to his first name, and you’ll see it – Nodis. His rap name for the rap game is a rapper out of the vibrant DMV scene. For that scene, making it is no easy feat. One can see his founding of c4n2 as a way of paying it forward for everything he had to experience the hard way to make that path a little easier for other emerging artists and musicians.

If it were left to Sidon’s creative career, that would still put it above many other music industry agencies. Far from stopping at Sidon, it continues with the rest of the team. Jordan Alexander, VP of Sales, Karissa Aarsvold, Director of Marketing, and Omar Barraza, Sales & Marketing Executive, all add their own experience into the mix. None of them are strangers to the music world, with their unique perspectives resulting in an unusually potent 360 worldview.

Located in Los Angeles, the music industry capital, they are positioned to capitalize on new, innovative music marketing and promotional practices. They utilize the importance of emergent tech in the social media form and upcoming propriety tech that the agency is deploying shortly.

Given the many earth-shattering events that the music industry has had to navigate, it makes sense to have those who have gone through the wringer understand both sides of the equation to keep an agency balanced.

About c4n2

The c4n2 Agency is a cutting-edge public relations, brand recognition, and social marketing agency based in Los Angeles, California. They offer a wide range of services, including PR and influencer marketing, social media authentication, soundtrack promotions, press release and distribution, and more. The team specializes in developing effective strategies that provide tangible benefits for their clients. With extensive industry experience, the team is dedicated to providing the best assistance possible to its customers.

Media Contact

Company Name: c4n2

Contact Person: Media Relations

Phone: (424) 303.1101

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Company Website:

City: Los Angeles

State: CA

Country: United States

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