izye is a groundbreaking hip-hop artist taking the music scene by storm with her distinctive approach. Check out her newest EP F**K BOYS GET MONEY!!!

Drawing on her background in musical theatre, she combines passion and emotion to create an awe-inspiring sonic experience inspired by San Francisco’s East Bay Area. Be prepared for an otherworldly auditory journey.      

At just 17, she knew it was time to take her music seriously and pursue a career in the industry. Drawing influence from Tinashe, JoJo, SZA, and Kehlani, her sound is unique – created entirely within the comfort of her own bedroom before moving out West to LA for studio production work. She embraces humble beginnings as inspiration towards achieving bigger dreams.

After a year in Los Angeles, she was determined to make her dreams come true. While also working a day job, fortune smiled on her when she met the producer KundoCrankin’. With his help and expertise behind the boards of production combined with her genre-bending blend of R&B & Hip-Hop styles, it is clear why fans have been mesmerized by what they hear. Her unique lyrical delivery layered upon thoughtful subject matter further adds another layer, creating an unparalleled musical experience.        

Through izye’s most recent 7-track EP release, F**K BOYS GET MONEY; we glimpse the clarity of her lyrics and how it amplifies her poignant musings.

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