Meet Kid Zen, The 17 Year Old Bubbling Artist Coming Out Of Australia 

Kid Zen — the 17 year old artist based in Perth Western Australia, has all eyes on him now in the United States since his hit single “Stay Sober”. A song dedicated to his struggles with substances and addictions, a story many people can sympathize with. The track was released on March 15, 2022 and although not out for long, has been featured on various playlists with over 30,000 likes and attracted much attention.  This is an artist with a wide range of assets – showing off his versatility and unique aesthetic. Making it evident there is so much potential for him in the music industry as more and more opportunities to present themselves. “I find that the inspiration behind my music in general is that it’s a gateway for me to express certain emotions and feelings through what I compose or produce,” Zen relates, “a sort of therapy. Throughout my life, I listened to a lot of different genres of music and tend to take inspiration from those who influenced me significantly.” Like his sound his inspirations vary with artists and musicians such as XXXTENTACION, Juicewrld, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne. Other legends such as Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, and the rock band Mötley Crüe are sources he often draws from.  His next song to drop is a highly anticipated piece produced by Space Cadet Music and will feature an upcoming rapper in the UAE by the name of Kill K. Kid Zen comments, “Big things are set in stone for this song as it is a completely different style of music people haven’t heard from me yet.” A new music video airing in June is also in the works. This is said to be his biggest video yet. Rumour also has it that Kid Zen has been approached by Satelite 13, a label in Perth, and Sony Entertainment Group. Needless to say, there is much in store for this artist.  At the moment Kid Zen is loving the independent grind, but not completely opposed to the idea of getting signed. If the opportunity is right and presents itself, he says he would gladly take it. Look out for more from this artist in 2022 and well into the future.

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