Music manager Kyle ‘KC’ Weers shares guidance for artists on how not to get scammed by the industry

In an industry where many labels, businesses, and organizations can overpromise and underdeliver, Kyle Weers is trying to arm music artists with the advice they need to truly develop themselves.

Kyle Weers might be a music manager, an A&R, a Marketing Director, and a company founder, but for him, education is the most crucial thing he offers to the clients and artists he works with.

Before he made a name for himself by representing up-and-coming artists, Kyle worked numerous odd jobs within the music industry, opening his eyes to the difficulties many musicians face.

Now, as the founder of Big Dog Entertainment Group and Director of Marketing for The c4n2 Agency, he’s bringing attention to the fact that many artists are scammed or not given the proper guidance when they’re brought into the music industry. Many organizations can benefit from leaving artists confused or uncertain about their development.

To counteract that, Kyle wants to educate artists about navigating the industry and understanding their true worth. As a music manager and entrepreneur, he offers a ‘full service’ approach to working with artists – meaning that he’ll work with them on every aspect of their career development. One of the benefits of this is that, according to Kyle, it helps build closer relationships and means that both parties have transparency about their work.

In a complex industry, Kyle ‘KC’ Weers hopes to be a beacon that artists can rely on…

You can contact Kyle ‘KC’ Weers directly on Instagram @kcthebigdog or email him at

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