SHØWGUN Discusses Musical Influences, Touring & Their Message

Question: Does doing this bring you happiness?

SHØWGUN: Definitely. We all attend college now yet still manage to find the time to practice together. Happiness is a huge part of it. Another huge part of it – we have the drive to succeed in this world because we have been doing it so hard. Even though we are young, we all played for years before SHØWGUN.

Question: What influences you musically?

SHØWGUN: A ton of stuff influences us! We listen to all sorts of stuff. Reggae, classic rock and hip-hop appear on the periphery of our sound, sometimes in the forefront. It depends on the track. Expect some of these elements to appear in our upcoming ways. The goal is to try everything at least once.

Question: Where do you see the band going after you all graduate college?

SHØWGUN: On tour, hopefully! We can play for groups of people online, which is fantastic, but it does not scratch the same itch as playing in front of large crowds in person. Most of the group already has done this to some degree in previous bands, but we are hoping to bring it, the volume, and the soul, into things with our performances.

Question: What message would you give to musicians being told to quit?

SHØWGUN: In a word – don’t. It is easy to succumb to peer and societal pressure to give up. We followed our path and were constantly told we would fail. But now we’re here.

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