WHOiSEE Builds from a Strong Base of a Lifetime of Music

Brett Hopkin started his journey through music at the very young age of 7. During school, he studied saxophone, played guitar, and learned six instruments on top of those initial bedrocks. His time in High School was spent getting acquainted with performance and composition. Achieving All-State on Saxophone, being Head Drum Major of the high school Marching Band, and even writing an entire symphony for a friend that passed away were only a few things that foreshadowed his future career in music production and dance music.       

The pivotal moment that led to him starting his current Electronic Music Production career came from Skrillex. A friend introduced Brett to Skrillex, surprising him with tickets to see him live in 2012. From then on, his world shifted. Before this concert, he had resided in the classical and metal worlds. Now, with this sudden revelation, he wanted something different.
So he switched his major from Music Education to the Sound Recording
Technology program at Texas State University.

With all the stresses of balancing college, launching his career and relationships, and working a job, he decided to leave college to pursue his career the way he knew he needed to succeed. Going for a friendly nod towards Alice in Wonderland, he created a project that attracted a following. However, unfortunately, the project became a bit rote for him, and the pandemic forced him to confront what he wanted to do moving forward.

From teaching, he learned how to approach music from a new angle, to create something different than before, to build on experiences he’s had to develop something entirely from the ground up in an attempt for his sound to touch the sky truly.

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